The Team

Daryl Harter Albany Dentist

Daryl Harter



Daryl, who graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1982. Started Harter Family Dental Care in 1999. As the practice grew, his wife Mary joined him and together, they have developed the Dental Therapy and Hygiene side of his business.

Daryl values his long-standing patients and he believes a professional relationship built on trust and communication provides the best dental care outcomes. He also values a high level of care, which is a philosophy shared by all at Harter Family Dental Care.

In line with the practice ethos, Daryl places great value in prevention-based dentistry, which sees his patients benefit from ongoing good oral health. Another aspect of dentistry that Daryl takes interest is restorative dentistry, which includes implants, crowns and bridge work. Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field and he enjoys rebuilding his patients’ smiles, with patient input and aesthetics driving the decision-making process.

Mary Harter

Mary Harter



Mary graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science in 1981  and a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1983. She has lived in Albany since 1992 and been practicing with her husband and business partner Daryl at Harter Family Dental Care since 2001.

Mary carries out all aspects of general dentistry and prevention-based dentistry, where her patients benefit from regular maintenance in conjunction with her trusted and skilled therapists. She keeps up to date by attending regular professional development courses locally, in Perth and interstate.

Children and nervous patients benefit from Mary’s gentle touch and calming influence. She has great success with children’s dentistry by telling fairy stories to distract the child and put them at their ease, sometimes combined with nitrous oxide for a painless experience. Mary also performs dental work on patients needing a general anaesthetic, a procedure carried out at Albany Hospital.

Outside of Daryl and Mary’s busy work lives, they have two children who were schooled in Albany and are now at university in Perth. Living close to Goode Beach, they enjoy walking and cycling, and when time allows, playing golf.


Michelle Ellis

Assoc. Dip. D.T.

dental therapist

Michelle completed her Associate Diploma in Dental Therapy in 1985 at WA Institute of Technology (now Curtin University.) Since graduating, she has worked for Dental Health Services/School Dental Service for four years in country locations and in private general practice in Perth for six years before moving to Albany. She joined Harter Family Dental Care in 2003 and also worked at Albany Orthodontics.

She is trained in a full range of children’s dentistry, periodontal treatment and preventative care for adults and children. Michelle works closely with specialist periodontists so patients can benefit from her expertise, reducing their need for visits to Perth. Her experience in orthodontics is particularly useful for patients with braces.

Michelle is married with two children and enjoys keeping fit, cycling and stand-up paddle boarding.


Estelle Morgan

Assoc. Deg. D.T.

dental therapist

Estelle graduated in dental therapy in 2006, when she joined the government dental service and first experienced country dental practice.

Oral hygiene is an area of specialisation for dental therapist Estelle, who joined Harter Family Dental Care in 2013. She is a strong advocate of dental care at home, teaching patients the importance of, and correct technique for, brushing and flossing.

Estelle performs scaling and polishing of teeth, including periodontal treatment. She is qualified to perform a comprehensive range of children’s dentistry, including: check-ups, restorations and fissure seals, and extract deciduous teeth.

She is passionate about helping patients overcome any fears associated with a dental visit. This is achieved by a clear and concise explanation of the procedure as well as making her patients as comfortable as possible in the chair.

Walking her dog on the beach and weekend adventures with family and friends are Estelle’s favoured pastimes away from the practice.